Time fail

Okay, so the time in Japan is not 9 hours later, but 7 hours later. Which means that today I need to stay awake for two more hours than I thought I would have to. Sander suggested I could also just go to bed at the time I planned, and tomorrow (that is, Wednesday) I’ll go to bed at the right time.

Some other things people have asked me:

Three new songs

Okay, so the migration to WordPress is still on its way, but I’ve already added the old songs to the Music page, and I’ve also added three new songs: Message […]


As you can see right now (because there’s no theme yet) I’ve moved to WordPress. The theme I was using before, Lady in Green, was apparently also available for WordPress, […]


Two more things to share: Firstly, Wednesday the 17th, the workshop I’ve done ends with a performance at Cafe Wilhelmina. We will be playing five songs, in some to-be-determined order: […]