Part-time music study

Today I went to visit Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg. It was a humbling and inspiring day at the same time. I’m not pretending to be at the required level at […]

Outrunning yourself..

It happened again, I tried to run faster than I could. I’ve been fussing so much about my graduation project, that it has been consuming all my energy. I tend […]

Update on internship in Japan

Okay, so I haven’t really posted regular updates on this, but now’s the time then. Last august, all three parties (me, my study coordinator and the receiving coordinator) signed the […]

Five (plus one) more courses to go!

I’ve yet to receive my grade for the last examination of previous college year, but I’m pretty confident that I passed it. Now, all that’s left is to do my […]


As of today, I have singing lessons again 🙂 It’s been rougly half a year ago and to my delight it went rather well. Apparently, I’ve learned some things without […]

Update March 16th 2008

Changed the layout, update on my activities and about to commit a story.The layout of this Geeklog is the greenery theme, though now slightly adapted with new picture and red […]