Dream weirdness: Shopping, umbrella’s and game shows

Welcome to my dreamworld. I decided to write down one of my dreams for once. I have a few others that I remember and I may write them down too. I’ve read that if you write down your dreams after waking up (no guarantees whether I’ll be doing that) your brain will go “Duhhh.. Remembering dreams is important” and you’ll remember dreams more often and get to discover what your brain is doing in your absence. Anyway, I like my brain, it mixes and matches all sorts of random stuff when I’m dreaming… Actually, if I judge my brain by the dreams it gives me, I’d have to say my brain is just weird.

Drawing, painting and polyphasic sleep

Okay, there are two new sketches and two new paintings in the media gallery. The paintings I did quite a while ago, during the last meeting of the painting lab. […]

Drawing and painting

I’ve uploaded some new sketches. One can be seen on the left, more can be found in Media Gallery. Starting tomorrow, I’m participating in a course in painting. Hurray for […]


I”ve some sketches in my notebook that I haven’t gotten around to scanning yet. I hope to do it soon using the university’s scanners, because the adapter that I got […]

Need to fix scanner / buy new one

I’ve got two sketches that I’d love to share, but by now I feel I really need a scanner again. I have one, but it isn’t working, not sure if […]