Girl with one eye

Quick update: Yesterday, I spent the whole day driving my neighbors crazy singing one song over and over, namely Girl with one eye by Florence and the Machine. If you’d […]

Weekends and meeting people

Okay, so let’s do another update. I’ll even throw in some new pictures! 😉 I had intended to rename them, but that’s just too much work, so they’ll keep their DSCxxxx names, sorry.

Last Friday, for the first time since I’ve been here, I really enjoyed the packed lunch. During lunch breaks, you can either go someplace to eat, or you can buy a ‘bento’, which is Japanese for ‘packed lunch’, I believe. Don’t have a picture, but you can find some information on it by clicking HERE. I said to Sander and others before, that I really couldn’t eat something in the afternoon that we consider to be an evening dish. That’s still true for warm dishes, I just had some warm rice and fish and my stomach doesn’t like it (Over the past few days I’ve had some stomach aches after eating a warm dish in the afternoon..) but the cold bento, that I’ve started to appreciate. However, I have noticed that I’ve lost some weight over the past few days, because of all the cycling and the fact that I get hungry pretty quickly after a meal. I think that may also be due to the white bread they have here, I don’t get a lot of energy from that. And of course the fact that everything is more expensive here. I’ll probably spend on food alone, what I would normally spend on food for two persons. That’s too bad, but it’s not a huge surprise.

Quick update

Not much has happened this week. I’ve spent most of my time at Kyoto University, studying. The material I have to read is… very very difficult. The main obstacle is […]


Today, I recorded something I played on the piano 🙂 Beware, recorded with crappy telephone camera 😛 Song of Storms

Are holidays supposed to be this boring?

I’m an active person. Sometimes I try to fool myself by saying ‘but most things I do are hobbies’ or ‘I don’t like being this busy’, but on days like […]