A Chorus Line

Yesterday, I went to see A Chorus Line, a Broadway musical performed at Kyoto Gekiji. Hai Minh had picked up two free Gaijin tickets, only to discover that this musical is mostly talking and only a little bit of dancing. At first, I thought it was my fault that it was boring, since I could only make out parts of the musical, such as “I want the job!” and people talking about their childhood and personal problems. Afterwards, I asked Hai Minh what he had been able to make of it, and as it turns out, I actually got most of what was going on. We concluded that this was boring. I’m relieved that Hai Minh agreed with me, because he went through the trouble of getting the tickets for us 😉

Girl with one eye

Quick update: Yesterday, I spent the whole day driving my neighbors crazy singing one song over and over, namely Girl with one eye by Florence and the Machine. If you’d […]

First day in Japan

Written on Saturday, posted on Sunday.

Right now, I’m in the room where I’ll be spending the next four months. I’ll take pictures later and upload them. This story itself will have to go up later as well, because I don’t have internet in my room. Rather, internet is in a separate computer room, kinda like a small closet. I’ll request formal access next Monday. There was a welcome party, but I only popped in for a few minutes and then promptly asked where the computer room was so that I could send out a message that I’ve arrived okay, that was most important to me right now. I’m rather glad that not everyone secures their internet that well, I was one MAC-address filter away from not being able to send that message.

Three new songs

Okay, so the migration to WordPress is still on its way, but I’ve already added the old songs to the Music page, and I’ve also added three new songs: Message […]


As you can see right now (because there’s no theme yet) I’ve moved to WordPress. The theme I was using before, Lady in Green, was apparently also available for WordPress, […]


Two more things to share: Firstly, Wednesday the 17th, the workshop I’ve done ends with a performance at Cafe Wilhelmina. We will be playing five songs, in some to-be-determined order: […]

Part-time music study

Today I went to visit Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg. It was a humbling and inspiring day at the same time. I’m not pretending to be at the required level at […]


Last Friday, everyone from the workshop came together and we listened to a lot of music. Together, we decided that we would continue playing Harder to Breathe and Two Sisters, […]


Last Tuesday, we had another workshop. One of the guitar players admitted that he didn’t really like one of the songs we had done last week, namely Miniature Disasters, and […]