Bikes and food

I’ve been looking for a bakery, because the standard white bread they have at the small supermarkets (Family Mart is most common, it can be best compared to SPAR-shops) is not that great. It’s mainly white bread, either of the tasteless variety, or of the ‘small snack’ kind. I’ve found a bakery, but it also has white bread. I’ve taken home a small loaf that looked promising, but my search for brown bread continues. I have, though, found a bigger supermarket, where they have cereals and stuff like pasta and meat. As you can guess, these rather more uncommon things are more expensive than at home. Apparently there’s an import food shop somewhere, that has stuff like Nutella and maybe even some hagelslag 😉

Second day

Not having internet in my room royally screws up my usual morning ritual, i.e. checking my e-mail and some websites. Also, internet is very slow here. I hope there are more and better internet access points at RIMS, because otherwise using the webcam to stay in touch may be difficult.

Buying the power converter didn’t make much of a difference, I just found out that the plug of my laptop adapter doesn’t fit in the converter. Bummer. Then again, I can see where the difference is, my laptop has an adapter of its own that can deal with Japanese voltage, whereas the charger for my camera does not, so it needs a converter. So I bought a new plug head for the laptop. I have some battery left, so I’ll know if it works in a few minutes.

Mmmm, sleep…

I really didn’t want to get out of bed today, but I promised someone I’d help with installing a laptop and secondary devices. After pressing snooze elebenty times, I got […]

Three new songs

Okay, so the migration to WordPress is still on its way, but I’ve already added the old songs to the Music page, and I’ve also added three new songs: Message […]

Mmm, swimming

The past few days I’ve decided to take some good care of my body. I already do, but I need to get more exercise. So I did by leaving my […]


Last week, I went to pick up my In Ear Monitors and Behringer xenyx 802 mixer and today I finally have time to play with it. And. It. Is. Amazing! […]