About Japanese Universities

This is a post I wrote quite a while ago in response to Shige’s post about Japanese Universities. I had intended to place it as a comment on his blog, but it got so long that I decided to just make a blog post out of it. Then I kept it as Draft and didn’t publish it until now.

However, people say that all the Japanese universities’ students’ levels are so low compare to other countries’.

Why? Because usually we don’t study after enrolling in our universities. In order to enroll in universities we study very hard, and that’s all. We don’t need to study that much in order to graduate, especially in Kyoto University.

What is the cause of this? I heard Hai Minh say something about the competition between professors: They all want students to work in the lab. So they cannot ask too much work from students in the courses, because then the students would be too busy to work in the lab. Did I interpret that correctly?

More photos!

Today, I received a CD with photo’s from Nakarin, one of the people from Thailand I spent some time with. I’m not going to post all of them here because I didn’t take them. There are a few that I want to share, however. To Nakarin, Pattama, Peem and Rong: Thank you so much for the time we spent together in Osaka and the dinners we had and thanks for sending me these pictures!

I’m home!

Tadaima! 🙂 I got home safely and had a wonderful night’s sleep in our comfy bed. I hope I didn’t snore too much, I do that when I have a […]

On my way home

If you will be reading this the moment this post is published: I just got on the plane and I’ve prepared this message for you 🙂 There’s a lot I […]


Okay, I just finished packing. I’m gonna have to throw away two towels, a pair of trousers I hardly ever wear and a few t-shirts. I hope customs doesn’t open […]

Lists of stuff ;)

Three more days to go, and then I’m flying back home. Let me tell you some things I didn’t say before.

Firstly, I’ve bought so many souvenirs that I was afraid that I would have to buy a second suitcase (and pay a lot of money for taking a second suitcase onto the plane) or throw away as many things as I can: Contact lens fluids, soap, pens, paper, maybe even the book I brought for the exam I had to do here. I even considered tossing out my toothbrush, deodorant and the two towels I brought, if it means that I would up with one suitcase that weighs less than 20kg. However, after weighing my suitcase, I’m still well under the limit. Whew.

Let me tell you what I’m going to miss about Japanese culture and what things from this culture I’m more than happy to leave behind. Let’s start with the latter.

Dream weirdness: Shopping, umbrella’s and game shows

Welcome to my dreamworld. I decided to write down one of my dreams for once. I have a few others that I remember and I may write them down too. I’ve read that if you write down your dreams after waking up (no guarantees whether I’ll be doing that) your brain will go “Duhhh.. Remembering dreams is important” and you’ll remember dreams more often and get to discover what your brain is doing in your absence. Anyway, I like my brain, it mixes and matches all sorts of random stuff when I’m dreaming… Actually, if I judge my brain by the dreams it gives me, I’d have to say my brain is just weird.

Well, I still *feel* like I’m the same person…

Today, I met two Dutch tourists at Bar This Way and the girl was all excited about Japan. She was asking loads of questions and I was answering honestly: The culture has its downsides. She kept asking questions and being really surprised (NO, Geisha’s REALLY AREN’T prostitutes. No really. Really. Why are you asking me how do I know and how I can be sure, how can YOU be sure? Don’t be arrogant) (Edit: I also asked Wim “Was I like that?”. Fortunately, he said no 😉 I tried to be more neutral about stuff, even though it’s still exciting to be here of course.)

Farewell party

Yesterday was my farewell party from RIMS, because today is my last official day of the internship. As always, there’s still plenty of work to be done, but next week I’m not going to work too much. I’ve asked my supervisor to take a look at my report and on Friday I should get some feedback and then we’ll see.