Dream weirdness: Shopping, umbrella’s and game shows

Welcome to my dreamworld. I decided to write down one of my dreams for once. I have a few others that I remember and I may write them down too. I’ve read that if you write down your dreams after waking up (no guarantees whether I’ll be doing that) your brain will go “Duhhh.. Remembering dreams is important” and you’ll remember dreams more often and get to discover what your brain is doing in your absence. Anyway, I like my brain, it mixes and matches all sorts of random stuff when I’m dreaming… Actually, if I judge my brain by the dreams it gives me, I’d have to say my brain is just weird.

Bikes and food

I’ve been looking for a bakery, because the standard white bread they have at the small supermarkets (Family Mart is most common, it can be best compared to SPAR-shops) is not that great. It’s mainly white bread, either of the tasteless variety, or of the ‘small snack’ kind. I’ve found a bakery, but it also has white bread. I’ve taken home a small loaf that looked promising, but my search for brown bread continues. I have, though, found a bigger supermarket, where they have cereals and stuff like pasta and meat. As you can guess, these rather more uncommon things are more expensive than at home. Apparently there’s an import food shop somewhere, that has stuff like Nutella and maybe even some hagelslag 😉

Skydive photo

I’m not uploading the movies of the indoor skydive me and my brother did… but I do have a fun picture! 😀

Ordering food online: WTF?

Today, with my being sick, I didn’t walk towards the store until half past seven, only to find a note on the door saying that they’re closed because of Good […]

Trip to London – Part 2: Friday

I’ve added a link to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, that’s easier than explaining what it is. As expected, I don’t have a receipt of the Chinese restaurant we went […]

New drawings! :D

Yay, see media gallery under drawings 🙂 I’ve scanned in about 14 images, all taken from my lecture notes.

Suddenly you have it

My life is fun! I am greatly looking forward to my ordered painting by numbers kit and I’m as excited as a child! 😀


I’ve got the adapter from my brother’s scanner, but both scanners now show rainbow stripes. Kinda weird that they both do this, so I think this adapter isn’t okay either. […]

Snow! :O

Well, will you look at that, it has snowed last night. Pretty…. Pretty darn cold too.