Dreads, guitar, graduation

The title of today’s post is an uninspired list of the things I’ll write about. First, there’s the dreads. As you can see, it’s been 3 weeks and 2 days since I backcombed my hair. If I would be playing by the rules, my hair should be somewhat locked up after four weeks. Even though I’m being stubborn, yesterday my hair looked a lot like it did the first day. Of course, the battery of my camera was empty and this morning – when it was charged again – my hair doesn’t look as tightly knotted as it did yesterday, the strands are not as straight as they were. I’ve taken a few pictures. If it looks any better tonight, I’ll take a new picture.

Then, I paused writing this post to have a wisdom tooth extracted.

Outrunning yourself..

It happened again, I tried to run faster than I could. I’ve been fussing so much about my graduation project, that it has been consuming all my energy. I tend […]