As you can see right now (because there’s no theme yet) I’ve moved to WordPress. The theme I was using before, Lady in Green, was apparently also available for WordPress, […]

Media Gallery has more issues…

Okay, so today I wanted to upload a new song (YAY!) to Media Gallery, but there’s more wrong than I thought, I cannot upload anything. I’ve posted a "HELLLLP MEEEE" […]

Yess, finally a new theme I like!

I really like this theme, so for the time being, I’m sticking with Geeklog again. 😛 Unfortunately, the theme isn’t applied to the Media Gallery. The chance of me fixing […]

Geeklog themes..

I’ve been looking at different Geeklog themes, but turns out there aren’t any 🙁 I tried a different theme today, and besides crashing on most pages of the site, it […]

Cartoon nostalgia

Today, a customer came to my desk for some notebook support and his desktop background was some fanart for an anime called Legend. I haven’t seen it, but just now […]

Uploaded some music

It took a while, but I decided to share this after all. These are songs performed by me. Click on the links below to go to the uploaded music: Recording […]

Update March 16th 2008

Changed the layout, update on my activities and about to commit a story.The layout of this Geeklog is the greenery theme, though now slightly adapted with new picture and red […]


Welcome to Imyou alias Alias, now powered by Geeklog and under construction. This is a personal website of a fourth year student in Computer Science at the Eindhoven University of […]