Bye-bye dreads

Yesterday, I decided to start combing out my hair. Initially not for any particular reason, I just felt like combing them out. If I had followed the “I felt like it” line of thought a year ago, I would have been combing out matured deads yesterday 😉 On the other hand, then it would have taken even more time to comb them out… Yesterday, I started combing at 4PM. By the time I was done, it was 3:30AM … And then I overslept this morning >_>

I have some conclusions for this short experiment that lasted 1 month, 1 week, 4 days:

Dreads, guitar, graduation

The title of today’s post is an uninspired list of the things I’ll write about. First, there’s the dreads. As you can see, it’s been 3 weeks and 2 days since I backcombed my hair. If I would be playing by the rules, my hair should be somewhat locked up after four weeks. Even though I’m being stubborn, yesterday my hair looked a lot like it did the first day. Of course, the battery of my camera was empty and this morning – when it was charged again – my hair doesn’t look as tightly knotted as it did yesterday, the strands are not as straight as they were. I’ve taken a few pictures. If it looks any better tonight, I’ll take a new picture.

Then, I paused writing this post to have a wisdom tooth extracted.

No worries, it’s going well

Okay, I’ve washed my hair as often as I always do, as I announced. Of course I’m being extra careful not to untangle anything. I do that by making big knot, so that there aren’t any loose strands that the water can catch, drag down and – as a result – untangle. And so far it’s working, I think. Okay, the roots and tips are just ‘regular’ hair, I think I can comb it if I want to. Also, the strands at the hairline (in my neck, behind my ears and the front row just above my bangs) should be easy to comb out. Thenagain, there are tiny knots at the ends that I can’t untangle just by pulling (I discovered that when I tried to untangle two strands). Especially the middle section of each strand is doing well.

Fluffy strands of hair

Okay, so washing my hair this often, means that my hair is untangling (who would have guessed?) and it’s going to take quite a while before they’re real dreadlocks. However, […]

Taking care of dreads

I might add some notes here on how I maintain my dreads. Why? Because there are so many places where you can find advice, but they contradict and the results differ per type of hair. Some say you can wash your hair after a week, some say you have to wait four weeks. Me? I wash my hair once every two days and I’m sticking to it. (Relieved? I thought so.) This means, of course, that my baby dreads (as they’re affectionately called by many) are being a bit.. well, immature 😉 Right now, you wouldn’t believe that all this fluff will somehow transform to dreads. Today, I spent some time rolling the dreads between my hands to get rid of the fluff. It helps, but not for more than two days. I knew that before I started, dreads need more care than you may think at first glance… well, unless you don’t care what they look like, but I do. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much time on my hair in the morning… (or afternoon or evening, for that matter)

Second puberty or early mid-life crisis? You be the judge

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Yes, I’ve now officially crossed the line to Cheesyland by adding a poll to my blog. ‘t Was the last thing that was missing, I couldn’t resist.

You can skip to the photos if you want, those don’t need a lot of explanation, except: No, they’re not synthetic, they’re real. And yes, the chance of being able to remove them without sacrificing my hair will decrease significantly every 3 months.