Drawing, painting and polyphasic sleep

Okay, there are two new sketches and two new paintings in the media gallery. The paintings I did quite a while ago, during the last meeting of the painting lab. […]

Painting lab

Last monday, I created five paintings at the painting lab (The first session was drawing, and the second one I missed, alas). You can find them in the ‘Paintings’ album.Two […]

Drawing and painting

I’ve uploaded some new sketches. One can be seen on the left, more can be found in Media Gallery. Starting tomorrow, I’m participating in a course in painting. Hurray for […]

New drawings! :D

Yay, see media gallery under drawings 🙂 I’ve scanned in about 14 images, all taken from my lecture notes.


I”ve some sketches in my notebook that I haven’t gotten around to scanning yet. I hope to do it soon using the university’s scanners, because the adapter that I got […]

Pen drawing

Edit: Uploaded better picture and added another.

Java Applet – Game of Life

Below a little Java applet I created from scratch, based on John Conway’s Game of Life. Remarkably,the applet works better in Firefox (in which I tested it) than it does […]