Kitty has had the hiccups

Just now, @e sat down next to my laptop and I suddenly noticed that she was making these weird movements, almost like… hiccups! Poor little thing, a kitty can’t hold her breath (well, she can but she doesn’t know that helps) or drink a glass of water (again, she can but she doesn’t know that helps).

I watched her for a while, but other than looking mildly annoyed, she seemed fine. Then suddenly, I remembered something about hiccups and stuttering: the diaphragm makes the same kinds of movements in both cases. And a way to stop it in case of stuttering is to hold your hands in your sides and keep pressure so that the diaphragm doesn’t have a chance to contract. For hiccups it’s more difficult, because the contraction is more sudden and stronger (I know, I’ve tried when I had the hiccups and it’s very tough to push hard enough to keep yourself from hiccuping), but a cat is only a small animal, so it might work!

So I walked up to our kittycat, who looked pretty confused by now and if there was a caption over her head it would have said ‘plz to maek it stop’ 😉 I put my hands on her sides and held her there, not too tightly but firm enough to keep her from hiccuping. She didn’t complain and didn’t attempt to get up; she patiently sat and looked at me expectantly. After a short while I let go, kittycat turned on her back to get snuggles as a reward for staying so still and… the hiccups are gone!! I feel like such a good kittymommy 🙂


No, no, don’t get me wrong, I’m not the one doing the sneezing. No, not Sander either. Ettie is the one who’s sneezing. For the past three days she has […]

Scaredy cat

I feel for the poor thing.. I picked up Ettie, henceforth to be referred to as “our cat” :D, at 5 PM today. She wasn’t happy about the cage, or the car, or the ‘outside’ -understandably, outside is a big space without comfy warm spots- and things didn’t get much better when she got here. I put the bench in the living room. She then got herself tangled in the wires of the TV and finally hid in the TV-furniture. How? Well, I once -when we moved into our apartment- removed the back to accommodate for the wires of Sander’s amplifier. I really don’t want her there, so I opened it. On hindsight, it upset her, but best to correct her now that she’s new, it’s a lot harder to change bad habits later.