Painting chairs. (100th post!)

Yay, this is my 100th post on imyou 🙂 For those interested: imyou is actually Japanese for ‘alias’ or ‘nickname’. It so happens to be that you can also read […]

Almost done with moving!!! :D

I’m almost done with moving, all I need to do is move my couch, move an old pc and move my laundry basket. My parents will pick up my bed, […]

Moving!! :D

Today, we signed the contract for an apartment! 😀 It’s two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Now to put in some laminate and then we’re good to […]

Well.. THAT was weird

As of yesterday, we no longer have the option for the apartment I posted about earlier. It was turning out to be a weird story. Even the intermediary didn’t know […]

We can haz an apartment!! :D

See title 🙂 We still have to sign the contract but starting July 1st, we will have our own apartment! 😀 I’m going to borrow my brother’s digital camera to […]