As of today, I have singing lessons again 🙂 It’s been rougly half a year ago and to my delight it went rather well. Apparently, I’ve learned some things without […]


This kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Edit: Too bad, the video was removed 🙁

Snow! :O

Well, will you look at that, it has snowed last night. Pretty…. Pretty darn cold too.

Happy new year!

Happy new year to all. I’m already creating this message on December 7th because there’s something I want to share but can’t share until new year’s day, because I won’t […]

E-card, but not XD

Okay, so if I send a card to America, which takes a week to get there, and the person receiving it will not be at his home address during Christmas, […]

Pen drawing

Edit: Uploaded better picture and added another.


Today, I recorded something I played on the piano 🙂 Beware, recorded with crappy telephone camera 😛 Song of Storms

Ik hou van mij

Ik hou van mij hoor je nooit zingen. Ik hou van mij wordt nooit gezegd. Maar ik hou van mij ga ik toch zingen. Want ik hou van mij, van […]


Today, I went to a cafe in the centre of town, where the local band always plays and visitors/customers go on stage to sing. I’ve been there once before, on […]


The first snow has fallen here. When I woke up this morning, all sorts of things outside (garbage container, bikes, shed, old mattress XD ) were covered in snow! Pretty.. […]