Recaptioned by me as a gift for a friend:

Exam score estimations.. nearly impossible

I just had my first examination in my Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering. After three hours of mental torture, I decided that was the best I could do and delivered the work. Next, I […]

Cute :)

The two best ones yet:

Cartoon nostalgia

Today, a customer came to my desk for some notebook support and his desktop background was some fanart for an anime called Legend. I haven’t seen it, but just now I searched online for the […]

Java Applet – Game of Life

Below a little Java applet I created from scratch, based on John Conway’s Game of Life. Remarkably,the applet works better in Firefox (in which I tested it) than it does in IE. For some reason, […]

Uploaded some music

It took a while, but I decided to share this after all. These are songs performed by me. Click on the links below to go to the uploaded music: Recording of Angel Performance of Kayleigh

Disturbed Seas – A short piece I wrote a while ago

She raged, screamed, bellowed her anger throughout the sky. How dare he, how DARE he. The sea, which was hers and hers alone, had been disturbed. A vessel that once seemed so calm and beautiful […]

New layout

I’ve changed the layout and might be toying around with that a little more. If you see no changes, try cleaning up your browsing history, a cookie might be floating around somewhere. Also, I’m performing […]