New drawings! :D

Yay, see media gallery under drawings 🙂 I’ve scanned in about 14 images, all taken from my lecture notes.

Beautiful song

This song I heard first in a Dutch commercial. I’ve found it without all the talking through it 🙂


I”ve some sketches in my notebook that I haven’t gotten around to scanning yet. I hope to do it soon using the university’s scanners, because the adapter that I got […]

You know you’re a nerd when…

… if your boyfriend wakes you up at night, you subconsciously define the hug he gives you as the successor function to your fetal position. … if you advise people […]

Suddenly you have it

My life is fun! I am greatly looking forward to my ordered painting by numbers kit and I’m as excited as a child! 😀


I’ve got the adapter from my brother’s scanner, but both scanners now show rainbow stripes. Kinda weird that they both do this, so I think this adapter isn’t okay either. […]

Need to fix scanner / buy new one

I’ve got two sketches that I’d love to share, but by now I feel I really need a scanner again. I have one, but it isn’t working, not sure if […]

Third subject passed (probably)

Earlier I already mentioned my 8 out of 10 scores (I just had to repeat it once more, for the sheer enjoyment of it! 😀 ) for my first two […]