Argh, spam!

For some reason, I keep getting a lot of spam the past few days, all of the kind “plz to com wrk for us, hyuk”. Go away!! >_<

Old photos

Today and yesterday, the mailman tried to deliver my new phone. Because I missed him twice and I can’t go to the post office tomorrow to pick up my new […]

Pasta with salami, for 3 to 4 persons

Another recipe 😀 One of my housemates is good at cooking, I’m stealing some recipes. Pasta Pasta, as much as you think you need Cook it 😛 Sauce 1 salami […]

Recipe stolen from housemate

Salad Farfalle Rucola Sundried tomato Paprika Red onion Prepare: Cook the farfalle, let it cool and mix it with the above for the salad 🙂 Sauce 100ml ketjap manis (soy […]

Dream: Rain in the bathroom

I’ve had this dream before, I think. It’s a strange one, and that’s saying something.. I’m walking through a themepark together with someone else. She has to use the batroom, […]

I’m back!

I’ve reinstalled my blog. I haven’t put back any of the old content yet, perhaps I’ll do that later, at least for the drawings and creative stuff 🙂 I’ll probably […]

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Busy week. Good score. Alarmclock tomorrow is going to hurt ;)

Voila, a lot of photo’s from the GLOW Eindhoven light festival I went to with my brother on Friday night. 🙂

Yesterday, I had my first rehearsal together with a guitar player from Bergen op Zoom. He played while I sang. At the end, we wanted to make a top 5 selection of songs we’re going to study for next time, but ended up with 13 songs. XD We managed to narrow it down to five after all.