Feelings of guilt

I’m struggling with feelings of guilt this morning. Now I know this is triggered by the fact that I haven’t slept quite enough. Knowing that should help me contain those feelings, but still, it’s sometimes difficult to handle these sudden bursts of “I’m doing everything wrong! What will people think of me?”


I had a dream that involved people turning into vampires, one werewolf and one monkey/frog small thingie. I tried to defeat them by setting the sonic screwdriver to ‘high pitched tone that hurts their ears’. […]

You know you’re tired when..

…you walk into the bathroom, take off your glasses and put in your contact lenses… when you are getting ready for bed. I’m on autopilot, need to get to bed. Tomorrow I’ve got the first […]

Understandable, but still a pity

I got a message from the organization. They’re maily looking for people who have written their own material. So we know what we have to do to participate next year: write our own songs. I’ve […]

Perhaps another performance :)

Today, Monique e-mailed me to let me know that the temporary art centre in Eindhoven is organising a music event for a number of consecutive Sundays. She emailed to ask if we (me and “my” […]

An exam today, then off to Brugge, Belgium :)

Today, I’ve got an exam. Don’t ask me why I’m taking it, because I don’t really have to: I’ve already finished all my courses. I’m taking this exam because there’s a possibility of finishing my […]

Well, that was fun! :)

Today, me and a guitarist performed for friends and family. We did 12 songs and they went pretty well (better than at the rehearsals of yesterday, which is good because if the last rehearsal is […]