Shooting down old actors

I’m sitting at a bar with a friend. Then, a guy comes in who I recognize as the dude from Magnum P.I. but on hindsight looked nothing like him 😉 He was kind of a cross between Magnum P.I (Tom Selleck), Airwolf (Jan-Michael Vincent) and MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) and then someone else I can’t find using a search engine. My brain also accounted for the fact that quite a few years have passed since I last saw these guys on tv, so the result was a blonde crossover of these guys, somewhere in his fourties. I love my brain.

Dream about singing and people helping me remember the words

Dream I had the night after Sander broke up with me.

I’m walking towards a stage that is surrounded by curtains. To the right – separated from the stage by the curtains, if closed – are three low tables placed in a U-shape, people sit on pillows at this table. I walk up to these tables and walk around, not sure if I should sit down. In fact, I believe my dream explored both options, sitting down and walking around. At the tables are several people, I don’t remember recognizing any of them. The band that is setting up on stage consists of Tjeerd, Monique, Marjolein, Sander, an ex-colleague of me at the university and one or two people I don’t know.

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Dreaming about cats and anatomically incorrect houses..

Wednesday morning, I had this dream about cats, most likely because my subconscious picked up on Ettie’s insistent whining at your bedroom door 😉

It was a dream where I was standing on someone’s porch (dream state shifts from the house being mine to the house being my mother in law’s). There is a short, straight, tiled path to the front door. I can’t see what’s in the rest of the porch, but it’s either paved or has low plants. At the front are two planters with flowers in them and in one of those planters a cat is sitting and outside the porch two or three more cats are sitting. They are all supposed to look like Ettie (brown and white cyprus cats), which — according to the dream — should confuse me, but their patterns are different and I instantly recognize this. It’s kind of like a children’s game of ‘find the correct image’. Childsplay 😉 Even though they’re all beautiful, I mentally tell them all they’re not Ettie and they’re not allowed inside the house. (Cruel, I know :'( But dreams are weird like that.)

Dreaming of a Jet Plane 8)

I had a dream! 😀 XD This is what I was dreaming right before I was woken up by the sound of Ettie’s persistent howling:

I am sitting on an airplane and to my right a friend from secondary school is sitting. With me I have a gift[ref]Which is actually the Mother’s day gift I bought yesterday :S[/ref] for his girlfriend. (I’ve had a dream about traveling by plane before. All I remember is that the plane landed somewhere that in real life is an old road with some farm houses. In my dream it was paved and surrounded by concrete walls and those plastic roadblocks filled with water/sand.)

Another weird dream..

I wrote this down, like, MONTHS ago. Glad I did, because I couldn’t have reproduced it now without the notes I had made. Lets’ try to reconstruct the story. Note the special effects 😉 My dreams are weird.

So, there’s this person on board a ship, in a cabin, who wants to know a bit of history (I didn’t remember any dreams before this one, so I guess this was a new, *fresh* dream, instead of a mixture of other dreams). The camera then zooms out, via the window in the side of the ship, until you see only the ship and the round window, clearly lit by some light source above (the moon?). The sea in front of the window is light, but to the left and right it gets dark, so it must be night. I’m part of a fleet of airships, with a lot of people and magic users. One of the strongest airships, a dragon, is heavily damaged and disappears (from radar?).

Dream weirdness: Shopping, umbrella’s and game shows

Welcome to my dreamworld. I decided to write down one of my dreams for once. I have a few others that I remember and I may write them down too. I’ve read that if you write down your dreams after waking up (no guarantees whether I’ll be doing that) your brain will go “Duhhh.. Remembering dreams is important” and you’ll remember dreams more often and get to discover what your brain is doing in your absence. Anyway, I like my brain, it mixes and matches all sorts of random stuff when I’m dreaming… Actually, if I judge my brain by the dreams it gives me, I’d have to say my brain is just weird.