Bean bag :)

It was quite a hassle to get it home by bike, but managed: my boss gave me one of the bean bags from the lounge room at work, because they’re […]

Star Trek Into Darkness

Okay, this is just brilliant: The ‘talk’ page of the Wikipedia article starts with: READ THE GODDAMN OFFICIAL WEBSITE, YOU POMPOUS IDIOTS Brilliant XD

Change web hoster

If you can’t reach my by e-mail somewhere during the next few weeks, it’s because I’ll be moving to a new web hoster.

Chuck Norris on Tel Sell

OMG, Chuck Norris is selling the Total Gym Shaper on Tel Sell.. I don’t know if I should immediately buy that device, or if I should cry because Chuck sold […]

Commercials I don’t get…

I’m not sure what message they want to convey with this commercial. It doesn’t matter that they’ve used ladybugs, bumblebees and grashoppers (I’m not too thrilled about the dragonflies, but okay) instead of ants and wasps (the first bugs I associate with any kind outdoors activity involving breakfast, lunch or dinner); the only thing my mind associates this with, is the enormous amount of sugar in drinks like these, and the inevitable swarm of bugs it attracts that won’t bug off ( 😛 ).

Beautiful song

This song I heard first in a Dutch commercial. I’ve found it without all the talking through it 🙂