Have I still “got it”? ;)

Today, I went to rent storage space for the stuff that I won’t be bringing with me when I move next Saturday. Yes, you read that right, I’ll move in […]

Old photos

While packing, I made that one famous mistake.. I opened my old memory-box, which is filled with gifts, photos and other things that have a memory attached. Digging through all that stuff cost me well over two hours of valuable packing time, but it’s always worth it 🙂


There’s all sorts of people that make up humanity and thankfully all sorts that I am lucky to call ‘friend’. There’s the people who will laugh with you, cry with […]

Gifts: Good Omens :)

Last time, I posted a picture of a gift that was given to me many, many years ago (probably ten years ago), today it’s a gift I got a few […]

Recipe: Pasta oven dish

There’s this pasta oven dish I’ve been meaning to write down the recipe for. You used to be able to buy a box with all the ingredients, but since that box isn’t available at the supermarket anymore, you need to collect the ingredients yourself now. Here it is in Dutch and English

Memorabilia: Bear mug

A while ago, I decided that I would start taking pictures of gifts I have been given, while I still know who gave them to me. I will put them […]

Now we wait

Sander has found himself a new apartment to live in. Because the current resident is having money troubles, he will be evicted by April 1st at the very latest, but […]