Saturday I’m going to meet a little kitten called Jasmijn (Dutch for Jasmine). She may become Ettie’s new playmate! 🙂 Kitten Jasmijn Geslacht: Vrouwelijk Ras: Kortharig Leeftijd: Jonger dan 1 […]

Today went well! :)

Today, I had the introduction day at the company where I will do my graduation. Me and ten or eleven (too many new faces) new people were welcomed at the company and a few presentations were given about the organization and some paperwork was done. After that, we had (a really fancy and expensive) lunch together.

It was really nice, meeting some new people. I’m not sure which colleagues I will see again, because many of them have already been placed at customers.

I’ll probably move in two weeks or so! :D

Thursday, thanks to a rock climbing colleague of my friends, we managed to get the remainders of the couch downstairs without destroying it 🙂 All I have to do when […]

Four days off

Minh Hai is right, I’m overloaded. Yesterday, I was driving back and forth with a van until after midnight, picking up furniture. It was 1AM by the time I came home.

Tomorrow last day at my current job!

I’m tired, but I really want to post this 🙂 Tomorrow is my last day at my current job. There will be pie 🙂 I’m not sure what that last […]

Moving Day is coming up! And the start of my internship!

Last Thursday, I signed the contract for my new apartment. Since I don’t know exactly when I’ll be moving in yet, it still feels quite unreal. I do know that on the 29th of August, that’s next Wednesday, I get to pick up the key (!! 😀 !!) after which my parents get a first sneak peek. Also, I will pick up some second hand furniture at a friend’s place. I’m really lucky that she offered two beautiful wardrobes and a comfortable sleeping couch to me for a…

… short intermezzo to chase Ettie off the stove where she was licking the grease out of a pan I had just used to cook dinner. Sorry, where was I? …

Dinner in the dark: Recommended

If you’re thinking about going to Amsterdam and having dinner in the pitch black, I heartily recommend you do so, if only for having experienced this.

There are some disadvantages to having dinner in the dark, of course, and I’m not talking about having to be guided in and out of the restaurant, that’s actually a lot of fun, even going to the bathroom becomes an adventure. (Don’t worry, the toilets have light 😉 )

Two things you should take into account:

Dinner in the dark

Tonight, I’m going to have dinner in the pitch black :O In Amsterdam there’s this place called CTaste where you dine in the dark. I’ve been meaning to go there […]


I’ve moved in with two friends of mine, Daniel and Tom, who have been so generous as to offer me a room in their house 🙂 I will be living […]