Kitty has had the hiccups

Just now, @e sat down next to my laptop and I suddenly noticed that she was making these weird movements, almost like… hiccups! Poor little thing, a kitty can’t hold her breath (well, she can but she doesn’t know that helps) or drink a glass of water (again, she can but she doesn’t know that helps).

I watched her for a while, but other than looking mildly annoyed, she seemed fine. Then suddenly, I remembered something about hiccups and stuttering: the diaphragm makes the same kinds of movements in both cases. And a way to stop it in case of stuttering is to hold your hands in your sides and keep pressure so that the diaphragm doesn’t have a chance to contract. For hiccups it’s more difficult, because the contraction is more sudden and stronger (I know, I’ve tried when I had the hiccups and it’s very tough to push hard enough to keep yourself from hiccuping), but a cat is only a small animal, so it might work!

So I walked up to our kittycat, who looked pretty confused by now and if there was a caption over her head it would have said ‘plz to maek it stop’ 😉 I put my hands on her sides and held her there, not too tightly but firm enough to keep her from hiccuping. She didn’t complain and didn’t attempt to get up; she patiently sat and looked at me expectantly. After a short while I let go, kittycat turned on her back to get snuggles as a reward for staying so still and… the hiccups are gone!! I feel like such a good kittymommy 🙂

Boom! Thud! Crash!!

Sander’s coffee machine is no more.. It has died and gone to heaven on 28-02-2011 at 5:16 AM… Too darn early in the morning that is! Apparently, our little kittycat […]


No, no, don’t get me wrong, I’m not the one doing the sneezing. No, not Sander either. Ettie is the one who’s sneezing. For the past three days she has […]

Crash test kitteh..

Last night, 1:28 AM: LOUD BANG. Oh god, what has she done now? Is she in trouble? Did she hurt herself? Okay, stay calm, don’t go look immediately. My heart is pounding in my ears, hers must be too. Wait until I’m calm, then she’s had the opportunity to calm down or hide, probably both 😉 What could it be? The TV? No, she couldn’t have toppled that over and it’s not wide enough to stand on, so surely she hasn’t tried, has she? What else is in high places? My external harddrive? I placed it on the top shelf of my desk… Oh god, please don’t let it be my external harddrive..

Scaredy cat

I feel for the poor thing.. I picked up Ettie, henceforth to be referred to as “our cat” :D, at 5 PM today. She wasn’t happy about the cage, or the car, or the ‘outside’ -understandably, outside is a big space without comfy warm spots- and things didn’t get much better when she got here. I put the bench in the living room. She then got herself tangled in the wires of the TV and finally hid in the TV-furniture. How? Well, I once -when we moved into our apartment- removed the back to accommodate for the wires of Sander’s amplifier. I really don’t want her there, so I opened it. On hindsight, it upset her, but best to correct her now that she’s new, it’s a lot harder to change bad habits later.

Hello kitteh! Resrvashuns ^.^

Today, we went to the animal shelter to see if they had any female cats that didn’t need to go outside. Indoor cats are hard to come by, but there was a kitteh there, called Ettie (who we may call @ because it’s funny) (“The girl’s name Ettie e(t)-tie is a variant of Esther (Persian), Etta (English) and Henrietta (Old German), and the meaning of Ettie is ‘myrtle leaf; home ruler’.” Oh dear…) at the animal shelter. The caretaker told us she needed a name starting with “E” when she came in.