Bean bag :)

It was quite a hassle to get it home by bike, but managed: my boss gave me one of the bean bags from the lounge room at work, because they’re […]

Ettie in da hood

Ettie keeps overgrooming, as a result her belly and paws are nearly bald. I’m forced to do something so from now on, by day she’s wearing this hood. And once […]

Ettie and Jasmijn, september 27th

They’re doing great! Yesterday, at 4PM, I let Jasmijn out of the small bedroom and both cats have been well-behaved. They “prrt?” at eachother and are in general very tolerant. […]

Ettie’s diary, september 26th

*Sulks* I want pettins too! Look at that little brat, getting all attention from my butler. That’s it, mover over little punk, I want some attention too! 😀 😀 😀

Ettie’s diary, september 25th

What’s this thing you’ve brought home? It’s meowing and trying to touch me with its paws. OMG scary! *Big tail, Ettie runs away* <Later that evening> You’ve let it loose?!?!?!? […]

Ettie’s diary, september 24th

Whoa, what the hell? First she gives me a two-bedroom apartment, then she taketh away. I’m stuck in the bedroom and can’t get out. What’s going on?!?!?

Oh, nearly forgot!

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with Damien, who is in London for.. um, I’m not sure what but it probably has to with the bank he works for in Tokyo. Anyway, […]