Visa :)

As of yesterday, I am the proud owner of a visa into Japan. Now.. unless they don’t like that fact that I had my ears pierced a second time and […]

Off to pick up visa

Pff, too early to get up.. Anyway, I’m off to pick up my visa. Not sure if I’ll get it immediately, but I sure hope so.

Free Japanese lessons!

I just got a message from the secretary at RIMS, and there is an option to take free Japanese language lessons there. Of course I jumped at the chance! Next […]

Update on internship in Japan

Okay, so I haven’t really posted regular updates on this, but now’s the time then. Last august, all three parties (me, my study coordinator and the receiving coordinator) signed the […]

Internship and languages

Last monday, the teacher I e-mailed with a request to help me find an internship in Japan told me that he already sent a few messages out. Even though nothing […]


Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting with a fellow student who has done an internship in Japan. I would very much like to do an internship in another country, preferrably Japan. […]