More photos!

Today, I received a CD with photo’s from Nakarin, one of the people from Thailand I spent some time with. I’m not going to post all of them here because I didn’t take them. There are a few that I want to share, however. To Nakarin, Pattama, Peem and Rong: Thank you so much for the time we spent together in Osaka and the dinners we had and thanks for sending me these pictures!

Only in Nederland ;)

Yesterday, I did some shopping and ran some errands, all the while enoying being back home: I rode my bike through glass, there’s garbage everywhere, I don’t have to look […]

Last photo’s

Okay, I have some last photo’s to share and then it’s done and I can continue to fill my blog with other things. These are pictures from my farewell party, two pictures taken at the lobby of a hotel and the welcoming sign for my flight. Fortunately, the scare quotes didn’t have any effect, my flight was safe and – by airplane standards – reasonably comfortable.

I just ate burrito’s. Mmmm, burrito’s…
Oh and what’s up with Albert Heijn and their continuous changing of shopping baskets? I can’t go away for four months and they’ve changed them for the, what, third or fourth time? Also, I don’t understand the euro anymore. This might take a few days…

I’m home!

Tadaima! 🙂 I got home safely and had a wonderful night’s sleep in our comfy bed. I hope I didn’t snore too much, I do that when I have a […]

On my way home

If you will be reading this the moment this post is published: I just got on the plane and I’ve prepared this message for you 🙂 There’s a lot I […]


Okay, I just finished packing. I’m gonna have to throw away two towels, a pair of trousers I hardly ever wear and a few t-shirts. I hope customs doesn’t open […]

Lists of stuff ;)

Three more days to go, and then I’m flying back home. Let me tell you some things I didn’t say before.

Firstly, I’ve bought so many souvenirs that I was afraid that I would have to buy a second suitcase (and pay a lot of money for taking a second suitcase onto the plane) or throw away as many things as I can: Contact lens fluids, soap, pens, paper, maybe even the book I brought for the exam I had to do here. I even considered tossing out my toothbrush, deodorant and the two towels I brought, if it means that I would up with one suitcase that weighs less than 20kg. However, after weighing my suitcase, I’m still well under the limit. Whew.

Let me tell you what I’m going to miss about Japanese culture and what things from this culture I’m more than happy to leave behind. Let’s start with the latter.

In case you were wondering…

… I’ll arrive at Schiphol on the 4th of August at 16:30. Well, according to my flight ticket, so assuming that there’s no ash cloud that prevents all flight traffic […]