From Tokyo, the capital of the land of the rice and sun 😉 I hope everyone who wastes his/her precious time checking this blog will have a Merry Christmas and […]

Well, this is a first.

This time next week, I’ll be in an airplane to Japan!! :O It hasn’t really sunk in, I kind of booked the flight and stay on a whim and somehow, […]

Can’t sing right now :( so I’ll blog :)

Wow, this blog is really dying. If it wasn’t for the hiccups (I hate having the hiccups) I might not even be posting this right now. Lately I’ve used Twitter more and more and I’ve coupled it with Facebook, which means that my nonsense reaches more people now, even though the messages are much shorter (“Cat vomit, eww” and “Bleh rain”, etc)

More photos!

Today, I received a CD with photo’s from Nakarin, one of the people from Thailand I spent some time with. I’m not going to post all of them here because I didn’t take them. There are a few that I want to share, however. To Nakarin, Pattama, Peem and Rong: Thank you so much for the time we spent together in Osaka and the dinners we had and thanks for sending me these pictures!

Only in Nederland ;)

Yesterday, I did some shopping and ran some errands, all the while enoying being back home: I rode my bike through glass, there’s garbage everywhere, I don’t have to look […]