Second interview went well! :)

I just had my second interview, with two men who have both studied at TU/e themselves 🙂 Of course I got the expected question of why I want to quit my studies and like in any job interview, you have to be diplomatic about things. I explained what I missed in the Master’s program and what I was looking for. Something that was nice for me personally – they probably didn’t think much of it – is that one of them had a friend who had been in Japan as well and said “He told me it was a wonderful experience, but also a bit lonely”. I said that, yes, it was that way for me as well. (Even though I was in HdB, I really missed my boyfriend. Support via Skype isn’t the same as being hugged.)

UML, unspecified messy language ;)

Well, I’ve handed in the UML exercise I had to do for my second interview tomorrow 🙂 I asked for a second opinion from someone and he said as far as he was concerned I could hand it in like that. Then I edited some more 😉 and handed it in. The advantage and disadvantage of UML is that it’s not entirely clear what it means.. So you always need some explanation with your diagrams, in the form of comments, names for relationships and a document. I did just that and added a design documents text file. I’m hoping that I can answer all questions they ask me, but in any case I’ve spent some extra time on this exercise and spent a lot of time making choices, so I should be able to explain what I did there. Anyway, tomorrow is the second interview for this company.


I’ve removed my online CV, I’m getting too many phone calls. That’s a good thing of course 😉 But it’s getting too much, I need to organize this before I can add new people.

Again, gained an experience

Today I had two interview with recruiters. The first meeting, at eleven this morning went, in my opinion wonderful 🙂 We were both well prepared and the recruiter showed a genuine interest in what I was looking for. He’s going to see if he can get me an interview as well, with a company near Eindhoven that developes front- and back-end web-based products (websites, CMS, etc.) for a certain group of companies in the market. Not much to say there, it was a nice interview and although it is a bit less technical, based on 26 years of experience I have with being me, I think the job he has in mind may suit me quite well. If he can arrange an interview, I can find out if that’s true.

The second meeting, just now, was … bleh.

Global overview

Okay, so the past four days have been busy, busy, busy. One of the reasons for this is that the introduction and basic training is in a city that is at a 2 hours traveling distance … according to the public transportation travel information. 😐 So it’s 2,5 hours in real life, which means 5 hours traveling per day in total. Oh, plus I’m stubborn, I don’t want to stay at a hotel, I want to be at home in the evenings. This means that some evenings, I was home between half past seven and half past eight. Last Tuesday I was home at 5PM though and today I was home at half past three because I could skip a training that I’d already done with the talent pool a couple of weeks ago. Also, today I found out that one of my colleagues lives near me and travels to the training location by car. If he’s willing to make a detour of a few hundred meters, I may be able to join him and this may save me up to an hour of traveling time 😀

First day at my new job

(Started writing this on Saturday)
I really didn’t feel like writing this yesterday evening, because I was hungry and tired 😉 Let me tell you some things about the introduction name at *beep*. Firstly, I’m not going to mention the company’s name here. It’s not that I don’t want anyone to read my experiences (shouldn’t put it on a public blog if I didn’t want that), but I don’t think it’s necessary for everyone who enters the company name in a search engine to find my blog in the top ten 😉 Anyway, you can see my job title and company in my LinkedIn profile.

A change is gonna come

The past few weeks I have been talking to a teacher about a graduation topic. We had scheduled a meeting for the 24th to talk to a project leader about a possible topic. This is what I e-mailed them today:

For what I am about to explain e-mail is not the best medium, but I hope you will come to understand that right now it is the best way for me to convey my thoughts and feelings.

I have made an important choice over the past week. What happened is this: I have received an interesting job offer and yesterday I have decided to take it. This means… that I will stop studying for at least a year.