New year’s resolutions

The new year is coming up, 2013, the year in which I graduate, start a new job and intend to do all sorts of other new things. As you can […]

Can’t sing right now :( so I’ll blog :)

Wow, this blog is really dying. If it wasn’t for the hiccups (I hate having the hiccups) I might not even be posting this right now. Lately I’ve used Twitter more and more and I’ve coupled it with Facebook, which means that my nonsense reaches more people now, even though the messages are much shorter (“Cat vomit, eww” and “Bleh rain”, etc)

Oh well…

Even though only friends know this is my blog and I’ve taken care not to mention my last name anywhere on it, my mother in law advised me not to […]

Whew, busy… Not much to talk about, except for one complaint

I’m pretty happy that I’m working 32 hours, because even with one day extra off a week, I still seem to have too little time to do everything I’d like to do :O I regret to say that I haven’t drawn a lot lately, except for this doodle of a duck with square spots looking very surprised about two little ducks playing tic-tac-toe on its egg…. :S 😉

I like writing stuff on this blog, but I have to admit I have very little to report, except for one thing. I have officially decided: Designers can’t code. Don’t get me wrong, this is not directed at those designers who know they can’t write a program to save their life, because usually they won’t be hired to do so anyway.


Today I called company number 2 to ask them to make me a job offer. The owner said that they’d be more than happy to make me an offer and he’ll send it tomorrow.

Why did I ask them this, you may wonder… Both companies are more than happy to hire me, but both have pros and cons. Well, duh!! Yes, no surprise there.

Umm.. three companies now :O

As I mentioned a while ago, I had some more interviews. This week I had a second interview with a smaller company. The reason they wanted the second interview was because they were very positive about me but were unsure whether the position would remain interesting for me in the long run. (They didn’t drop the ‘over-qualification’ bomb, but it was pretty close :O )