New year’s resolutions

The new year is coming up, 2013, the year in which I graduate, start a new job and intend to do all sorts of other new things. As you can […]

Quick update

I don’t have much time to blog at the moment, but my graduation is a pretty important part of my life right now, so it deserves a few words. I […]

Healthy exercising

Somewhere at the beginning of this week, I felt like a cranky, moody old woman. By the time it was Wednesday and I was riding my bike to volunteer work, […]

I am so rusty in math…

I’m working on a project where I have to try to estimate the real-world position of points/items from two or more images. Although I’ve never been bad at math, I’m […]

Moving Day is coming up! And the start of my internship!

Last Thursday, I signed the contract for my new apartment. Since I don’t know exactly when I’ll be moving in yet, it still feels quite unreal. I do know that on the 29th of August, that’s next Wednesday, I get to pick up the key (!! 😀 !!) after which my parents get a first sneak peek. Also, I will pick up some second hand furniture at a friend’s place. I’m really lucky that she offered two beautiful wardrobes and a comfortable sleeping couch to me for a…

… short intermezzo to chase Ettie off the stove where she was licking the grease out of a pan I had just used to cook dinner. Sorry, where was I? …

Well, that sucked

The exam didn’t go the way I’d hoped at all. Good thing I already passed it once, because today I don’t even think I passed. Blegh. Not going to spend […]


I’ve been studying for three days straight now, for the exam that I’m taking this Friday. On one hand, it’s worth a try to either a) improve my only 6 […]

Can’t sing right now :( so I’ll blog :)

Wow, this blog is really dying. If it wasn’t for the hiccups (I hate having the hiccups) I might not even be posting this right now. Lately I’ve used Twitter more and more and I’ve coupled it with Facebook, which means that my nonsense reaches more people now, even though the messages are much shorter (“Cat vomit, eww” and “Bleh rain”, etc)

Collatz conjecture

On May of this year, Gerhard Opfer offered a paper to the public in which he claims to solve the Collatz conjecture. A month later, June

Oops, got interrrupted by a Jehova’s witness whom I had to educate about confirmation bias.

Anyway, a month later, June 17th, he withdrew his claim. The Collatz conjecture is a bitch because it looks deceptively easy but cannot be proven by methods such as natural induction. Because it looks so harmless, many people, including lay-mathematicians (such as myself), have attempted to solve it. Mind you, the conjecture was proposed in 1937, so people have been trying to solve it for over 74 years.

A change is gonna come

The past few weeks I have been talking to a teacher about a graduation topic. We had scheduled a meeting for the 24th to talk to a project leader about a possible topic. This is what I e-mailed them today:

For what I am about to explain e-mail is not the best medium, but I hope you will come to understand that right now it is the best way for me to convey my thoughts and feelings.

I have made an important choice over the past week. What happened is this: I have received an interesting job offer and yesterday I have decided to take it. This means… that I will stop studying for at least a year.