New year’s resolutions

The new year is coming up, 2013, the year in which I graduate, start a new job and intend to do all sorts of other new things. As you can see I’ve cleaned up my […]

Quick update

I don’t have much time to blog at the moment, but my graduation is a pretty important part of my life right now, so it deserves a few words. I was struggling for the first […]

Healthy exercising

Somewhere at the beginning of this week, I felt like a cranky, moody old woman. By the time it was Wednesday and I was riding my bike to volunteer work, I realized: For my former […]

I am so rusty in math…

I’m working on a project where I have to try to estimate the real-world position of points/items from two or more images. Although I’ve never been bad at math, I’m struggling to remember how some […]

Old content has been imported again :)

Ever since I moved to a new web hoster, I have been planning to put back the content of my old blog. Today, I finally did! I had received an e-mail from someone who was […]

Moving Day is coming up! And the start of my internship!

Last Thursday, I signed the contract for my new apartment. Since I don’t know exactly when I’ll be moving in yet, it still feels quite unreal. I do know that on the 29th of August, that’s next Wednesday, I get to pick up the key (!! 😀 !!) after which my parents get a first sneak peek. Also, I will pick up some second hand furniture at a friend’s place. I’m really lucky that she offered two beautiful wardrobes and a comfortable sleeping couch to me for a…

… short intermezzo to chase Ettie off the stove where she was licking the grease out of a pan I had just used to cook dinner. Sorry, where was I? …

Well, that sucked

The exam didn’t go the way I’d hoped at all. Good thing I already passed it once, because today I don’t even think I passed. Blegh. Not going to spend too much time sulking, at […]


I’ve been studying for three days straight now, for the exam that I’m taking this Friday. On one hand, it’s worth a try to either a) improve my only 6 to a 7 or b) […]