Small Clowns, imported by Johntoy

Recently, I cleaned out my room and took three small clowns from the base of the window. The sun has bleeched their hairs and hat a bit, but looking at […]

Mmm, swimming

The past few days I’ve decided to take some good care of my body. I already do, but I need to get more exercise. So I did by leaving my […]

Are holidays supposed to be this boring?

I’m an active person. Sometimes I try to fool myself by saying ‘but most things I do are hobbies’ or ‘I don’t like being this busy’, but on days like […]

Just some things

Right now, I am hoping to be chosen to do a work-assignment for a company, I’m excited but I can’t really give any information here on what the assignment is […]


Last week, I went to pick up my In Ear Monitors and Behringer xenyx 802 mixer and today I finally have time to play with it. And. It. Is. Amazing! […]

Update March 16th 2008

Changed the layout, update on my activities and about to commit a story.The layout of this Geeklog is the greenery theme, though now slightly adapted with new picture and red […]


Welcome to Imyou alias Alias, now powered by Geeklog and under construction. This is a personal website of a fourth year student in Computer Science at the Eindhoven University of […]


Hi and welcome to my little corner on the web 🙂 This website is mainly for my own enjoyment, to be honest, but it’s always fun if people drop by and say hi!