E-card, but not XD

Okay, so if I send a card to America, which takes a week to get there, and the person receiving it will not be at his home address during Christmas, […]

Ik hou van mij

Ik hou van mij hoor je nooit zingen. Ik hou van mij wordt nooit gezegd. Maar ik hou van mij ga ik toch zingen. Want ik hou van mij, van […]


The first snow has fallen here. When I woke up this morning, all sorts of things outside (garbage container, bikes, shed, old mattress XD ) were covered in snow! Pretty.. […]

Exam score estimations.. nearly impossible

I just had my first examination in my Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering. After three hours of mental torture, I decided that was the best I could do and […]

Cartoon nostalgia

Today, a customer came to my desk for some notebook support and his desktop background was some fanart for an anime called Legend. I haven’t seen it, but just now […]

New layout

I’ve changed the layout and might be toying around with that a little more. If you see no changes, try cleaning up your browsing history, a cookie might be floating […]

Thinking in boxes?

Apparently, when you’re interested in your field of work and that field of work happens to include Mathematics and Computer Science and you even dare talk about it in public, […]