I”ve some sketches in my notebook that I haven’t gotten around to scanning yet. I hope to do it soon using the university’s scanners, because the adapter that I got […]

You know you’re a nerd when…

… if your boyfriend wakes you up at night, you subconsciously define the hug he gives you as the successor function to your fetal position. … if you advise people […]

Suddenly you have it

My life is fun! I am greatly looking forward to my ordered painting by numbers kit and I’m as excited as a child! 😀

Need to fix scanner / buy new one

I’ve got two sketches that I’d love to share, but by now I feel I really need a scanner again. I have one, but it isn’t working, not sure if […]

Third subject passed (probably)

Earlier I already mentioned my 8 out of 10 scores (I just had to repeat it once more, for the sheer enjoyment of it! 😀 ) for my first two […]


As of today, I have singing lessons again 🙂 It’s been rougly half a year ago and to my delight it went rather well. Apparently, I’ve learned some things without […]


This kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Edit: Too bad, the video was removed 🙁

Snow! :O

Well, will you look at that, it has snowed last night. Pretty…. Pretty darn cold too.

Happy new year!

Happy new year to all. I’m already creating this message on December 7th because there’s something I want to share but can’t share until new year’s day, because I won’t […]