Bachelor’s diploma, here I come!! :D

This year, I had only two courses left to do for my Bachelor’s diploma, Software Engineering and Functional Programming. Earlier I already heard I passed the Software Engineering course with […]

Trip to London – Part 4: Sunday

On Sunday, we used another 2for1 voucher to go see Shakespeare’s Globe and visited the Churchill War Museum. Also, we visited Waterhouse again and bought some more books 😛 Last […]

Trip to London – Part 2: Friday

I’ve added a link to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, that’s easier than explaining what it is. As expected, I don’t have a receipt of the Chinese restaurant we went […]

Trip to London – Part 1: Thursday

And we’re back! 🙂 April 30th until today, May 5th, Sander and I spent in London. I’m not much of a photographer, so I’ll just briefly tell the tale here […]

Examination went well! :)

Today I had the examination of my last Bachelor’s course, and it went rather well. So, I am taking the liberty of registering for the Bachelor’s diploma examination. Want! 🙂

About me

I decided to update the About Me page: – Added the organisation of the introductory week under Other Activities – Added information on specific programming languages.

New drawings! :D

Yay, see media gallery under drawings 🙂 I’ve scanned in about 14 images, all taken from my lecture notes.