I am soooooo *not* doing Uberman myself. Like, ever. I just slept for two hours, in-between Marcel’s naps. I had about 3 hours’ time, but after 50 minutes of drowsiness […]

Process Algebra passed :)

As expected, I passed the course in Process Algebra. The grade isn’t as high as I had hoped, but it’s still a nice 7 🙂

Five (plus one) more courses to go!

I’ve yet to receive my grade for the last examination of previous college year, but I’m pretty confident that I passed it. Now, all that’s left is to do my […]

Almost done with moving!!! :D

I’m almost done with moving, all I need to do is move my couch, move an old pc and move my laundry basket. My parents will pick up my bed, […]

Moment of self-reflection

As I was driving home yesterday after a (great!) party, I came to realize that it was indeed very stupid of me to drive with a broken headlight once (several […]

Bachelor’s diploma

Yesterday, I picked up my Bachelor’s diploma in Computer Science and Engineering! 😀 PARTAY!


Yesterday, we went to see Yamato in Sittard with Sander, his father, his sister and their partners. Somewhere in January and February we had already gone to Slagerij van Kampen. […]