Scaredy cat

Jasmijn is afraid of: brooms strangers doorbells (probably because of the strangers) people wearing shoes (not just strangers) vacuum cleaner umbrella combs having her nails cut having anti-flea drops administered […]

Photo dump 1

This is the first in a series of posts listing the photos in my smartphone gallery of the past year Apartment, when it was still under construction Birthday Ettie Rubber […]

Trip next year

Yay! I can go away for a month next year! Talked about the plan at work today and I can probably go! So now I can start planning 🙂 Had […]

Blog still on hold

Yeah, not much else to say, my blog is still on hold. Work deserves all my attention right now. I’ve got some traveling plans on the back-burner for this year […]

First day at new job :)

I didn’t really have plans or expectations for today, which is a good thing. I’m in a train to Amsterdam right now, on my way to pick up the laptop […]

Blog on hold

I am putting this blog on hold for a while. I haven’t posted much anyway, so I might as well make it official. Right now, I’m finishing my graduation, my […]