Painting: Weather balloon

I finished this painting a while back, but didn’t put it up yet. Forgot to sign it too.. Oh well.. I’m pretty pleased with the end result anyway 🙂 Again, it’s based off real live […]

Painting of a friend during an archery workshop

In January of this year, I invited a couple of friends for an archery workshop and dinner. The goal was to hit the balloons taped to the target and at some point I exclaimed I’d […]

Painting: Gift for my friend’s sister

Painting of a photograph of my friend and her sister when they were kids. Had fun creating it and my friend’s sister was really happy with it when she received it for her birthday 🙂 […]

On rediscovering painting

When I was a child, I was once asked to create a painting for a church. I don’t remember exactly what the event was, but I ended up creating a painting of a huge colorful mosque. After secondary school, I followed an art class and during my studies in Computer Science and Engineering, I also once took up a painting class. Although painting hasn’t been a constant hobby of mine, I do return to it from time to time. In the past year, I did quite a few paintings from photographs, as gifts for friends or friends of friends.