Girl with one eye

Quick update: Yesterday, I spent the whole day driving my neighbors crazy singing one song over and over, namely Girl with one eye by Florence and the Machine. If you’d […]

Workshop and skydive

Okay, so the movies of the skydive are, like, 70 MB or so. So I’m not going to place them here until I figure out a way to make them smaller.

As for the workshop, below you can see some pictures that Tjeerd took with my photocamera. There are two movies as well. They’re about 20 MB, but that’s doable I guess. You can download them here and here.


Two more things to share: Firstly, Wednesday the 17th, the workshop I’ve done ends with a performance at Cafe Wilhelmina. We will be playing five songs, in some to-be-determined order: […]

Part-time music study

Today I went to visit Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg. It was a humbling and inspiring day at the same time. I’m not pretending to be at the required level at […]

Lucid – 1/?

Slowly, step by step, the elderly man walks down the stairs of the temple towards the square. A few people look up, but not as many as in the first […]

Geeklog themes..

I’ve been looking at different Geeklog themes, but turns out there aren’t any 🙁 I tried a different theme today, and besides crashing on most pages of the site, it […]

Update + new song

Okay, so on the 31st of december Marcel got sick, and the experiment pretty much ended there. I talked to him yesterday and he’s doing fine now, although sleeping normally […]