Yay ^.^

Okay, so it took me a while to get to it, but here’s my first approved patch. XD Oh the childish joy…

Mozilla Firefox

As mentioned before I’ve been meaning to do some more software development. I’ve written a small WordPress plugin recently and also decided to find an Open Source C/C++ project to contribute to. I’ve found that the community around Mozilla Firefox is approachable and responds quickly to questions. Their build environment was characterized as convoluted by one of the developers in the #introduction IRC channel, but frankly I had it up and running under both Windows and Linux in under an hour, which is highly encouraging for anyone who is new to the project.

AD Gallery: How to reinitialize the gallery after editing the HTML

At Coffeescripter jQuery AD Gallery, you can find the jQuery plugin called AD Gallery. In the comments, you can read that two people want to know how to destroy the gallery so that they can reset it (search for ‘destroy’ on the page if you’re interested).

I’ve had the issue of wanting to reset the gallery as well, because it doesn’t work well with jQuery’s .hide() and .show() methods, which you’ll encounter if you ever use a tabbed layout for a page with the gallery on one of these tabs. (At my job, AD Gallery has been used for quite a while and we haven’t gotten around to trying out other galleries yet. Since using a tabbed layout is also new, I only encountered this problem recently.)

Lots of sketches :)

It wasn’t an explicit goal to crunch out as many drawings as I could; the only goal I set for myself is to do some drawing during the last holiday. […]

WordPress plugin updated! :D

I just updated my WordPress plugin to version 0.2 😀 It’s now possible to customize it, it’s awesome 😉 I’ve tested it thoroughly and just now I added it to […]