Lots of sketches :)

It wasn’t an explicit goal to crunch out as many drawings as I could; the only goal I set for myself is to do some drawing during the last holiday. But I think this is […]

WordPress plugin updated! :D

I just updated my WordPress plugin to version 0.2 😀 It’s now possible to customize it, it’s awesome 😉 I’ve tested it thoroughly and just now I added it to the WordPress svn repository where […]

Wrote my first WordPress plugin :)

Sunday, some friends came over to eat some pie (It was fun to see you again! 🙂 ) and while talking about work I mentioned that I haven’t really bothered to learn PHP so far. […]


Not much happened lately. Lost my calendar, found it again thanks to Mozilla Lightning’s cache functionality, worked, sketched, played the guitar… Like I said, not much happened. I’m off to bed 😛

Bored or boring? ;)

Well, I guess I’m both 😛 I don’t have much to say right now, live just goes on as usual. Basically all I do right now is work and play the guitar, in addition to the rare three-day obsession with the Collatz conjecture I had this week. I promise that’s over now! 😛 I was driving myself crazy.