To create is to live

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Painting: Weather balloon

I finished this painting a while back, but didn’t put it up yet. Forgot to sign it too.. Oh well.. I’m pretty pleased with the end result anyway 🙂 Again, it’s based off real live […]

LEDwall Proto 3

Ahh, Christmas holidays. The perfect time to muck about with electronics and software. I never thought I’d enjoy electronics this much. Admittedly, I didn’t make a lot of changes the LEDwall prototype, I just finished […]

Extension to Category Posts in Custom Menu

The WordPress plugin I wrote, Category Posts in Custom Menu, supports custom extensions. Recently, I wrote an extension for someone who wanted to show all posts from some category, say “category A” that were ALSO […]

LEDWall proto 2

I just sent out an order to have my very first PCB design ever manufactured! 😀 When I asked for feedback, they said it looked very neat for a first design 😀 Now all I […]

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On rediscovering painting

When I was a child, I was once asked to create a painting for a church. I don’t remember exactly what the event was, but I ended up creating a painting of a huge colorful mosque. After secondary school, I followed an art class and during my studies in Computer Science and Engineering, I also once took up a painting class. Although painting hasn’t been a constant hobby of mine, I do return to it from time to time. In the past year, I did quite a few paintings from photographs, as gifts for friends or friends of friends.

LEDWall prototype 1

A year or so ago, my partner and I said to eachother “Wouldn’t it be cool to create a LED wall for our living room?”. We then set about to buy an Arduino and some required components for the first prototype. It took a while for us to actually get started, but my phone tells me that on the 7th of June I sent my technogeeky friends a photo over WhatsApp of my breadboard experiment: