Other early childhood memories

This post is a side-note to Everything is a witness statement.

I remember being fed baby food from a jar. I remember being fed small squares of bread with jam. My mother would cut the pieces, without crust. I remember an airplane of food coming in. I remember my father’s calloused fingertip, as I took a bite, a mouthful of food from his finger.

I remember the song Walk like an Egyptian. It was released on November 1st 1986, I was a little under a year old. I loved that song. My mother records in a diary that I later asked her when the song would be on the radio again. Probably after it went out of fashion for a while.

I remember going to daycare. I sat in the little chair hanging behind the handlebar of my mother’s bike. Mom biked onto the sidewalk. She had to bike between houses and a hedge to get to the daycare center. I remember the big window of the daycare and the playground in front of it outside.

I remember my mother and father each holding one of my hands as we walked through the city center, and they would lift me up and swing me back and forth. This was before my brother was born, so between ages 2 and 3.

I remember being put into the front of a shopping cart, that has a seat for kids. I remember my mom putting me in there under an uncomfortable angle, my knees would have to bend backwards for this to work. It’s uncomfortable and I protest. She doesn’t understand and gets upset. I remember sitting in that shopping cart and being offered a piece of sausage in the supermarket by the butcher lady. I take it and put the rolled up snack in my mouth. My mother loudly says to me “And what do you say then? What do you say then?”. She’s drilling me to say thank you. I feel a little uncomfortable. I say thank you and my mother tells me I did well.

I remember my brother being born. I’m 3.5 years old and I’m crying outside the bedroom door because my mother is crying. I’m taken away, because I’m too upset, to the neighbors, to “see the goldfishies”. I am led there by my father. I remember looking at the big aquarium the neighbors had.

I remember going to primary school, around age four. I remember playing with dolls and playing with the toy puppet theater. I remember the dolls lying behind the puppet theater. I also remember that I had a puppet theater of my own, so those two memories are a bit mixed up. I remember the sand box and water box. Those were two tables at primary school, at a height that was perfect for children between ages four and six, with water wheels, slides, cups and toys for playing with.