Short myopia update

white eye testing machine
white eye testing machine

I had a quick check-up last Friday. My eyesight was measured. The difficult part about having your eyesight measured is that it’s a trial-and-error process. You take off your glasses, take place behind a machine that is a contraption of different sets of tiny monocles that can be placed in front of each other, and you have to tell whether the letters you are looking at from afar are sharp or blurry. That doesn’t sound too difficult, but you’ll do this with the smallest letters that you can still read from 6m distance and at some point, the difference becomes quite difficult. The optometrician will ask you, when do the letters look sharper, in case A or B? Then, they add or remove one monocle or replace it, for example they add 0.25 diopters and you have to tell. They’ll switch back and forth. At some point, the difference becomes difficult to see, especially when the letters are really tiny. So, with that introduction, I will tell you what happened and what the outcome was.

First, my right eye was measured. After some tries, we found a diopter strength with which I could see the letters as sharp as possible. Then, my left eye was measured. This one was more difficult, at some point I wasn’t sure whether a change in prescription made any difference, but in hindsight I think I should have said that option B was sharper instead of A. It’s not always easy to tell. Either way, my right eye now measures 1 diopter less than last time and my left eye measures 0.75 diopters less. But like I said, my calls on the left eye felt unreliable to myself. So if I would guess, I think my left eye would measure 0.25-0.5 better than last time, not 0.75. But it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Then the optometrist decided to take a look at my eyes and she inspected them more thoroughly than normally. She noticed some blood vessels in my iris and also noticed that I have a large ‘optic nerve cup’. Since I have increased risk of developing glaucoma, she advised me to call the hospital again to ask if I could be bumped up the waiting list for an appointment at the hospital.

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