The saga continues. Or maybe not..

Today, I received a reply from the hospital. This reply is in response to my question about the cyst diagnosis. Here’s what happened: On January 23rd 2019 an ultrasound was made by a resident obgyn, let’s call her doctor A. On February 7th 2019 I visited obgyn doctor B. In my medical file, a note from doctor A is seemingly added on February 7th, stating ‘ovarian cyst’.

Today, doctor B responds to my question. I had asked who had added that note. If she answered “me”, I would ask “then why does doctor A’s name appear?”. If she answered “doctor A” I would ask why doctor A would do that.

I got the answer today. Or rather… Doctor B answered: “That diagnosis is not a diagnosis. It is merely a ‘code’ to do the surgery under. Because we cannot code ‘removal of clips’. There was no cyst.”

This is just amazing. There is so much in that reply that I want to dissect.

No answer as to who added the note in my medical file. Then there is the claim that this is for the coding of the surgery. Which is inconsistent with the digital medical file, because that has a separate page for the surgery codes, which is very much different from the ‘diagnoses’ tab. And lastly: There is no code for removal of clips. So, as Joep immediately pointed out, there is no way to track which patients have their clips removed. The manufacturer can happily claim that no clips were explanted at all. Because it’s not tracked.

I had hoped that the doctor would come forward and say “Gee, you had a cyst diagnosed at a different clinic and we also diagnosed it, but we didn’t realize that you were showing symptoms of an infected cyst. I’m so sorry you had to take such drastic measures to help yourself.” I have seen her shocked face after surgery, and heard her shaking voice on the phone. I can only imagine what mess they found in my abdomen. Of which they destroyed the camera images.

You know.. it’s not my karma that’s at stake anymore. I had to face myself, for not taking the action I wish I had taken, for not speaking up when I should have spoken up. I have tried one last time to get through. Who knows, perhaps I will speak to the complaints officer later. But I will not stare into another person’s abyss anymore. I have enough darkness of my own to care for.

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