Tearing down the house – Forms of abuse

To all therapists who did not recognize the childhood abuse survivor that was sitting in front of you. Do you have children of your own?

  • Do you regularly drag them by the hair or ears through the house?
  • Are you drunk more than three days of the week? Do you drink daily?
  • Have you ever kicked your child?
  • Have you ever grabbed your partner by the throat and shook them?
  • Have you ever announced to your child that you are going to kill your partner?
  • Do you humiliate your children or partner? When they get upset, do you then laugh and say it’s just a joke?
  • Do you kick your dog?
  • Do you lock your dog up in a dark cage at night, no light, food or a place to do their duty? Do you neglect to walk your dog and keep them in the garden instead, where the dog eventually starts eating its own shit because it’s not being cleaned up?
  • Have you ever put a nest of newborn kittens in a bucket, poured water in, put a second bucket on top and held it down until the kittens had drowned?
  • Have you ever let your child walk around with a broken foot for weeks, before you brought them to the doctor?
  • Do you demand a kiss on the mouth, long after that has become inappropriate?
  • Do you ever try to turn that kiss into a French kiss and then when your child flinches, say it’s a joke? And then do it again and again?
  • Do you never tell your child you love her, except when you’re too drunk to walk and she, again, has to support you on the walk home?
  • When your child is bullied, harassed, called names and spit on, do you have nothing to offer except shout “rise above it”?

What would this do to your child, if you, as a parent, did these and many more things? Because this is just the shit that comes to mind today.

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