A chart of my Myopia progression

My old optometrist sent me the receipts for all sets of glasses my parents ever bought there. So today, I charted it. Here’s my Myopia progression from age 5 to age 35 (now).

If you search online to figure out when Myopia should stabilize, it’s said that Myopia should stabilize between the ages of 20-30 years old. Nope.. To be frank, I’ve seen more people with high Myopia who say that they keep getting worse. Also, do you notice how my eyes decline in lock-step? I’m inclined to take this as a hint that what I’m trying could have merit. If there were no external driver for Myopia, my eyes should progress at random. One eye should progress more, then stall, and then the other eye should progress, or whatever random pattern you can think of. Instead, both eyes get worse equally. This suggests that something is exerting an equal pressure on both eyes.

Not only that, but I am the only person, let me repeat the only person in my blood-relatives who has high Myopia. Nobody, I repeat, nobody else has moderate or severe Myopia. Sure, my mom had glasses of -0.5, but her optometrist at some point said “Why are you wearing glasses?”. And my brother has glasses, but as far as I can remember it’s like -0.75 or something. I started out with -2/-3,5 and it got worse and worse every year.

So, in previous post about Myopia I remembered getting glasses at age 4, but as the receipts show, this was actually at age 5 (nearly 6). And I started with -3,5 not -3. So my memory of taking the glasses off to do near work (and to be scolded for taking them off) was probably around age 6. The moment I exclaimed that my eyes were getting worse from the glasses must have been somewhere between age 7 and 9.

As mentioned in the previous post, I am going to experiment with my eyes. It’s not as if the risks I have from high Myopia can get much higher than they already are. So, since my last post, almost 4 weeks ago, I’ve been using my four sets of glasses as follows:

When I use themLeft eyeRight eye
Watching TV-9.25-12
Working on the computer -8.25 -11
Reading a book-7.25-10

Results so far

Letters on my computer were on the edge of blur when I started this experiment, but are steadily becoming more and more sharp.

Honestly, I’m sold. I am going to slowly decrease my prescription, I’m sure of it. Unfortunately, even if my eyes can go back at the same speed and even if it is possible to fully reverse this, it’ll take me 30 years to go back to where I started. I’ll be 60 by then.

I can’t go back in time (though I often wish I could). For me, it’s about risk: If you have more than -5, you have “high Myopia” and your risk profile is such that you’ll probably go blind in at least one eye. I’ll be very happy if my left eye can get close to -5. That’ll decrease the risks for that eye. My right eye has always been my poorest eye. I’m just hoping it’ll tag along for the ride.

Other data

By the way, I also charted the cylinder, axis and visus. I didn’t have all measurements for visus, because they don’t include that in glasses prescription. The three sets of glasses I am using now, I ordered myself. The other two sets of glasses I ordered, have the cylinder and axis from age 25. The one for reading a book does not have cylinder or axis.

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