Be careful with unscientific medical advice…

I’m kind of concerned about the rising number of unscientific posts in some Facebook groups.

Let’s be clear: I’m not here to tell you you’re not sick from something. I won’t tell you your hormones are not out of balance. I won’t say that your hair is not falling out when it clearly is. I’m not you. I don’t know what your symptoms are. Also, I have been in a situation where I felt what was wrong in my body, but doctors could not measure a hard number so they dismissed me. I know what it’s like when communication with doctors breaks down both ways. I empathize. I really do. It sucks to lose faith in healthcare and to be sick but deemed “not sick enough” and to be dismissed.

But. I see questions from people if they can “take supplements to grow their fallopian tubes back”. I see women recommending each other to buy progesterone for yourself. I see recommendations to apply ‘black salve’ to the skin to “help eject surgical clips from the body”. Yikes.

At the very least, this shows a lack of understanding of the topics you are working on. Yes, sometimes, very very veeeery rarely, cut and burnt fallopian tubes reconnect by them selves. But if your tubes were removed, you cannot grow back an entire fallopian tube. Just like you can’t grow a new kidney.

So far for the benign misunderstandings. But at the worst, you could do permanent harm to your body. Putting ointment on your belly will not do anything for or against a surgical clip in your abdomen. Especially not an ointment that has no other effect than cause 3rd degree burns. And surgeons are not going to operate on a patient with 3rd degree burns, so if you do this, you can be sure that you will delay an explant, not speed it up. If you’re already not feeling well, do you really need that extra damage and risk?

Please be careful. Following advice that is not grounded in scientific research, buying medicine without a prescription or having physical interventions done by unlicensed people or doing physical interventions yourself based on claims that are not backed by scientific studies can be very dangerous for your health.

If you don’t trust your doctor, why would you trust some random person online? If I told you today that using green tea extract would help you get rid of your implant, would you start using it? Would you take a double or triple dose to speed things up? I hope not, because firstly I just made this claim up a couple of minutes ago and secondly supplements are not without their dangers either. Research is ongoing about the safety of green tea extract. There are reports of liver damage following the use of green tea supplements. Check here:

No, you don’t have to trust me either. I’m just someone who scours the web for research on topics that interest me. I’m not a doctor.

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