Complications from medical devices

In 2019, I suffered a complication from a medical device used for female sterilization. I’ve since written a Medium post that details possible complications of female sterilization. I’ve also written a follow-up post that is a shorter summary.

Both posts are getting a steady flow of visitors. This inspired me to make a booklet/flyer that lists known issues of surgical clips and medical devices. I’m going to reach out to a company to print them sometime in the next month. And then I will figure out the price I have to ask to be able to mail this all over the globe to whomever wants one.

Here’s a sneak preview 🙂

You see the front of the booklet on the right. The last page of the booklet is on your left (about autoimmune/mental health) and what you see in the middle is the back of the booklet (this will be a huge list of papers/research, haha). The inside of the booklet isn’t shown here.

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