Just.. wow

Today, in a conversation with someone I met at a training, first the perpetual stereotype of “engineers not having good communication skills” came up. When I countered that, with the exception of the occasional oddball, asshole or someone going through a rough patch, I consider many of my peers to have perfectly fine if not excellent communication skills, I got the remark “Yeah, but you don’t look like an engineer.”

So, firstly, we need to dig up that old #ILookLikeAnEngineer initiative again, apparently.

Secondly, it seems that people think that being able to communicate and being an engineer are mutually exclusive. As soon as you are talkative, your entire resume as an engineer gets discarded…. ?

And lastly, because I am not considered an engineer, my anecdotal evidence of having met and worked with engineers who are very pleasant people does not count. (Note: conversation partner also only offered anecdotal evidence)

Just… wow. We have a heck of a lot of biases to break down here.