LEDWall prototype 1

A year or so ago, my partner and I said to eachother “Wouldn’t it be cool to create a LED wall for our living room?”. We then set about to buy an Arduino and some required components for the first prototype. It took a while for us to actually get started, but my phone tells me that on the 7th of June I sent my technogeeky friends a photo over WhatsApp of my breadboard experiment:



Since the breadboard experiment, consisting of a micro-wall of 2 by 2 LEDs went pretty well and was a lot of fun to do, a couple of weeks ago I started soldering the components together (My First Soldering Experiment ™) into a 4 by 4 LED Wall.




I’ve tried creating something that resembles a schema:


The final result looks like this:

In the video, you see a program I called ‘raindrops’, I’ve also created a red spinner effect just for fun. I’ve also created a quick ‘n dirty GUI that can send MQTT messages to the Arduino to change the program.



Next up: A bigger LED wall with a more powerful controller, like a BeagleBoard or Raspberry Pi (haven’t decided yet)